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You know you’ve had an unforgettable vacation when you can’t stop talking about it, you gush and share stories with everyone. What made it extraordinary is simple: the nitty-gritty details were tackled behind the scenes long before you packed your bags, and then, upon arrival, thoughtfully served up by your local, personal Concierge. Beautifully curated cycling adventures were matched to your ambitions & mood. And of course, the finest in local food, wine, and culture were consistently and pleasantly delivered. The details, naturally, include knowing the lay of the land, or as they say, being au courant (in the know). The elusive & sought-after sommelier, where to find the juiciest tomatoes & punchiest garlic, that secret passage that rolls into a delightful ribbon of country roads traveled by only a few, and of course the stubborn baker that bakes only 10 loaves of gooey-heaven a day, simply because he can.

This is where the magic lives.

Let us show you.


Let Spoke Handle the Details

From half day cycling trips, followed by a wine tour, to assistance and recommendations on the smartest area to base yourself, with stylish villa to boot, we’ve got you covered. Spoke Concierge is a talented, full service travel concierge.

The Ride of your Life

That’s right. We can say it because we’ve said it a thousand times ourselves (yes, we’re cyclists too, constantly seeking an even better day out), and have heard our lovely guests belt it out on numerous occasions, with exclamations & emoticons.


Experts in Experience

Spoke Concierge caters to everyone in your group: cyclists, walkers, hikers, foodies, wine-snobs, culture mavens etc. Success is an ear-to-ear smile equally spread across the dining table come end of the day. To make this happen, we leverage our outstanding network of local travel partners.

David knows these roads, especially the ones dear to his heart & shared with few. Maybe he’ll take you, if you’re nice, and buy him a sticky dessert. He’ll certainly spin a tale or two about Le Tour, as they do in these parts.


Markets, markets, MARKETS! Camille not only knows them, but knows when best to visit, which farmers to flirt with, and naturally, how these culinary delights all come together in what we all know as local, artisanal cuisine.


You will beg Chef Philippe to stop. Then desperately pray for more. We suggest giving into it, it’s best that way. Plus, his mother will be most pleased, seeing you’ll be dining on family recipes passed down many times.


How it Works

From experience Spoke knows how many choices there are to make when you travel to this beautiful part of the world. There’s a lust for cycling coupled with a desire to discover what else is out there. So in order to get you thinking and planning and dreaming, we’ve built two packages as suggestions. Choose one of these or work with us to build your own.

Get the right balance between how much you cycle, how much you discover, and how much you relax.

True Provence
Experience the magic of Provence


2 day bike rental
(choose from carbon Ultegra road bike or hybrid bike)

1 half day guided bike ride incl lunch

Cooking class with lunch al fresco

City tour of Avignon/Arles/St Remy

Wine lesson with our Expert sommelier – or
Wine tour of the famous Cotes du Rhone vineyards. Followed by lunch

Dinner cooked in your villa by a local award-winning chef (1 evening)

Winery tour and tasting

Assistance with your villa selection

Cycling Spirit
For cycling nuts


4 day bike rental
(choose from carbon Ultegra road bike or hybrid bike)

3 full day guided bike rides incl lunch

Dinner cooked in your villa by a local award-winning chef (1 evening)

Assistance with your villa selection

Price $999 (usd) per person per week, plus villa. Custom packages priced accordingly.

You can add more of the same or tailor it with Spoke’s additional offerings: van support on rides; bike fit; cycling video including aerial photograph; full time private chef; birthday catering with designer cake; specialized beauty therapies, spa facilities; private car with driver and more.

“With Spoke we didn’t have to cycle everyday. Sure, Mike wanted to cycle but I wanted a taste of the local area. Spoke arranged a cookery course with Gina and a wine tasting with Linda. It was fabulous. We are both still smiling.”
Sue and Mike, Toronto 2015

About Us

Spoke Concierge was started by three friends wanting to ride together (OK, we’ll admit it, Adam is faster than Michelle and Dana, but we’re faster at fixing flats). We are two Canadians and a Brit with loads of cycling trips under our belts. Yes, we love great rides, food & wine as much as you probably do. In our travels, we discovered something interesting: when friends, couples or families wanted to plan a trip that involved some cycling, packaged cycling tours just didn’t work. Quite simply, everyone has different needs. So we married this problem with our passion, and launched Spoke to make it easy, and extraordinary, for you. Voila!

Audrey, Operations Manager
Jake, Cycling Guide
Linda, Sommelier
Pascal, Chef a Domicile
Kelly, Massage Therapist
Sabrina, Yoga Instructor

Audrey manages our team of exceptional concierges, guides, therapists, yoga instructors, chefs, sommeliers and more.

Say hello to Audrey,
or call 877-346-7765 toll-free in North America. +33 7 78 38 21 90 in Europe.

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